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Society For the Preservation of George D Hay Legacy

Music Hall of Honor and Museum

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Many have contributed to preserving the music and legacy of Mr. Hay and they deserve to be part of the Hall of Honor.  A museum has been established in honor of Mr. Hay for all to enjoy and get educated of the origination of the inspiration and reality of the Grand Ole Opry and the life of Mr. Hay.

We have partnered with the Harlin Museum of West Plains, Mo to establish our museum.
The proposed name will be Museum For
the Preservation of the George Hay Ozark Heritage Legacy. You can see the legacy and life's work of Mr. Hay at our museum. The museum is located on Worchester Avenue at West Plains, Missouri.

In order to preserve the importance of heritage of this megnitude it is important to have the artifacts for people to see to really understand what this part of our Ozark heritage means to all who love the music and Mr. Hay. This will be the purpose of the museum to allow all to see first hand.

Harllin Museum of West Plains, Mo Click on picture
Will house our George D. Hay Society Museum

Steamboat Whistle
What Mr. Hay blew before the Opry show bagan

Eric Lewis, president of the society and a native of West Plains, Howell County and the Ozarks has had a long music career of 50 years, he has many items of memorabilia he has donated to the GDH Museum and they are on display there at the Harlin Museum

Items as the above will be solicited to put on display in the museum.

Music Hall of Honor inductees
2007  George D. Hay; Porter Wagoner; Jan Howard
2008  Wilburn Brothers; Ferlin Huskey; Dillard's
2009  Dolly Parton; Don Warden; Jim & Jesse; Redd Stewart





For more information call Eric Lewis: (417) 293-3367