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Society For the Preservation of George D Hay Legacy

What fans are saying

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Many are supporting this organization
and work and this is what they are saying 

Dear Eric, Thanks for listening in to what we do and for taking the time to drop a line. It is appreciated! Thanks for the information on the new George D. Hay website. I appreciate you doing this and wish the very best of luck with this endeavor. Again, thanks so much. Take care, Eddie Stubbs

Hi Eric, How is everything going today. Just got your email. Been out of school for two weeks. Had chest pains and they rushed me off to the emergency room from my class on the 12th. That was a scary situation. However, the new medication seems to be working. I am seeing an end to the completion of my third book, When Teaching Was Fun. This is the story of when I taught our at-risk children through country music (yes, George D. was a lesson). I was able to get nearly a hundred singers/groups to participate through the five years of it's existences. It was the greatest time for me in education. Most of the children that were involved are now my parents. So, I get to meet with them and discuss the good old days. As for the society. I would be honored to join your organization. I will be mailing you a check for the membership fee of my daughter and myself. We had such a great time when we visited last year. Mammoth Springs is a beautiful town. Have a class. Will talk to you later. Carl S. Birk

Hi Eric, I appreciate you forming this society, I think it is very beneficial for the world to know about the origin of the place of the idea for the Grand Ole Opry and the life of George D. Hay.  I will do what I can to help you promote this project,
Jim Owen/Branson entertainer/song writer

Eric, It is good to have this website again to let us know what is going on with the George D. Hay Legacy.  I appreciate the good work you are doing here. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Marilou Candela/Licking, Mo

Hi Eric, This is a good website and being a good friend, I appreciate you being instrumental in getting me inducted into the GDH Hall of Fame last month at Mammoth Spring, Arkansas.  I and my son Rick are proud to be members of this organization. What ever you need us to do, please let me know.
Your friend, Col. Larry Fuller, Col. Rick Fuller/
Larry Fuller Band

All the comments on this page are from people
who support the work and legacy of Mr. Hay